NjomBE BEyond

“Give plastic a second life with simple, small scale and locally produced machinery that turns precious plastic into valuable objects needed by the local community” 

The SHIPO SMART Centre Tanzania together with CEFA, the Njombe Town Council, local entrepreneurs and a wide network is taking the first steps to tackle the plastic problem at Njombe, Tanzania.

How might we reduce plastic wasted in Njombe town through the precious plastic movement?”


 + 1000 tones

of plastic arrive to the Njombe dumpsite every year

400 %

increase on plastic and rubber imports to Tanzania since 2000 *

700 km

away is transported shredded plastic for recycling

*Source: The observatory of economic activity


Empower communities in Njombe through private sector development to solve glocal challenges

“Do not only teach me how to fish, teach me how to build a rod”


Creating a supply chain for recycling machine parts and create a market for locally demanded recycled plastic products

Training local entrepreneurs on production and operation of small scale recycling machinery and business development

Involve the community, including schools, in Njombe Beyond to shed light on the problems and opportunities of plastic waste

Be part of Njombe Beyond


2019 Q1

  • Discover Njombe, its people, the waste management system and in specific, the plastic waste management
  • Check local availability of materials, components and skills to produce the plastic recycling machinery
  • Partner with local stakeholders
  • Prepare crowdfunding campaign

2019 Q2

  • Check local demand for potential products made with recycled plastic
  • Launch crowdfunding campaign for machine production and first experiments

2019 Q3

  • Purchase machinery and install and fine tune it at the workshop
  • Gain experience running the machines and produce first products
  • Check local demand for potential products made with recycled plastic

2019 Q4

  • Market first recycled plastic products
  • Train local entrepreneurs on machine building, machine operation and business development


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