NjomBE BEyond

With the following design challenge in mind:

How might we reduce plastic wasted in Njombe town through the precious plastic movement?”

The SHIPO SMART Centre team in collaboration with CEFA has started a project that aims to: 

Give plastic a second life with simple, small scale and locally produced machinery that turns precious plastic into valuable objects needed by the local community”  

2019 Q1

  • Discover Njombe, its people, the waste management system and in specific, the plastic waste management
  • Check local availability of materials, components and skills to produce the plastic recycling machinery
  • Share and discuss project with local stakeholders such as the Town Council and local recyclers
  • Prepare crowdfunding campaign

2019 Q2

  • Check local demand for potential products made with out of recycled plastic
  • Launch crowdfunding campaign
  • Purchase machinery and install and fine tune it at the workshop

2019 Q3

  • Gain experience running the machines and produce first products
  • Train local entrepreneurs on machine building, machine operation and business development


Chris HoltslagNjomBE BEyond