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Monthly clean up day in Njombe Town

Every last Saturday of the month, Tanzanian citizens are invited to get out of their houses early in the morning and clean up their surroundings together with their neighbours.

Last March, thanks to the Environmental Town Council officers, we had the chance to participate and get to know what goes on in Njombe that day.

Early in the morning we visited the bus stand. It was really surprising to see how clean it was compared to how it normally is. It was also nice to see so many people bringing their waste to the truck to give their waste and helping uploading what was still left on the ground.

We then visited a very dirty street where local businesses use the environment as dumpsite. Many people were already there collecting the waste and cutting grasses and even more joined when the waste truck arrived.

Our next stop was another neighbourhood with a very clean environment where people were just cutting grasses and joined us to collect some remaining waste on the main street.

Finally, we visited some local plastic recyclers to get to know each other and invite them to the stakeholders meeting.

unaiMonthly clean up day in Njombe Town